52 Card Pickup

Now that a lot of piece have been delivered, we can create a fully rendered version of our scene with our most recent work.

Saturday - Feb 10

I was able to export the environment and camera in our scene so Austin could utilize them for DMP and the placement of holographic signs. 

Sunday - Feb 11

Today I worked on optimizing our layout so we can work and render more efficiently. Since a lot of work was done on the original (non-optimized) layout, we couldn't migrate to the file that I created.

I also added the animation that was provided from our animator. The animation is currently in a blocking stage.

Monday - Feb 12

After submitting a version for review. We were told to revert elements of our work to create a version that was apt for review. It was later decided that we would not present since our group had not addressed enough of the notes that were asked of us.

Tuesday - Feb 13

Despite not being able to review, we were able to utilize our time effectively today. We took stock of what we need to continue to work on and what we could keep. While not being able to review was a bit of a blow, I think we'll be able to continue and create a project that we'll be proud of.