Internship at YUR

While I was returning to school from spring break, I met Dilan Shah in the SFO ariport. After a couple of zoom meetings and a technical test, I was brought on as an intern at YUR. The mission of YUR is to make fitness a game. By encouraging daily activity, the chance of preventable conditions caused by a sedentary lifestyle are reduced. In the long term, this will reduce strain on the US medical system.

During my time at YUR, I participated in a variety of projects that required knowledge of Python, Blender, Maya, Effect House, and Lens Studio.

I began my internship by creating an example environment of YUR World for use with Snapchat's Spectacles (2021) with AR capabilities. This required me to learn the basics of the software within two weeks. After looking through the documentation and absorbing countless tutorials, I created the filter.

After I became more comfortable in AR, I was assigned to make an AR filter for a potential influencer partnership. While an agreement was never met, the experience allowed be to learn a tremendous amount about using rigs and driving them with body tracking. 

After my stint creating AR experiences, I assisted in optimizing game ready assets. This required collaboration with vendors and teammates to ensure assets met performance targets. After manual optimization was ruled to be too time consuming, I worked with several team members to create a script that automatically optimized meshes and baked texture from the source geometry to our optimized geometry.