SCAD Startup Motion Media Team

Open to all students, SCAD StartUp is a dynamic, week-long, business design competition that serves as a catalyst to inspire your team to create groundbreaking ideas.

Since my first year at SCAD, Startup has helped be grow. During freshman year, I entered the competition with a group of friends. A year later, I created a Blender workshop for participants that wanted to create 3D graphics. This year, I helped attract participants to the event by creating the branding trailer.

In order to create a cohesive branding package, the visual branding group met throughout the summer to ideate. Jacob AlexanderAvery UlanetAmadeus Cameron, and myself refined concepts and eventually landed on a nature inspired branding package.

After we finalized the concept, I began to create concepts for the branding trailer. Here are the final storyboards for the trailer.

To create the visuals, I used Houdini, Nuke, and Redshift. All of the assets were sourced from Quixel Megascans.

To create the water splash in the first shot, I used the flip tools in dops. To guide the splash into certain areas and shapes, I used the Gas Target Force dop to create a velocity field that attracted the particles to animated target shapes.

In contrast with the FLIP sim, I create the debris splash procedurally. I did this so I could tune the speed and shape of the debris.