Reaching Halfway

Since last class, Team Nvidia has been hard at work creating and compiling work into a full advertisement.

Saturday - Feb 3

While waiting on other elements of the pipeline, I took some time to refine the alternate environment that I previously created. I adjusted some camera keyframes so there isn't an awkward pause after going into the video game world. I may adjust these keyframes further depending on mentor feedback on Tuesday. Here is the refined alternate environment:

If we switch to this layout, we'll be able to focus our detailing efforts on the building that our Knight lands on. If this change happens. We could add neon signs and volumetric elements to enforce the scale of the scene. 

Sunday - Feb 4

After making a few edits to the nanotech effect, Chaithanya migrated the effect into our current working file. I attempted to apply pixel portal shader to the elements of the nanotech effect prior to remembering that I created shading attributes for the pixels. I switched my approach and applied a RS incandescent shader so I could delivery the render for compositing. On top of completing cleanup on the plate, Austin has also created a pixel effect that is activated as the camera passes through the monitor plane. 

Monday - Feb 5

While compiling our review video, I noticed that the shot 2 did not start when it was supposed to. I'm going to reach out to Austin so that can be resolved as soon as possible. Over the weekend, I pushed off working on the portal effect. Prior to the 5pm submission deadline, I'll be working on new iterations of the effect.