The First Steps of an Adventure

I'm really excited to begin this collaboration with my Harbor Picture Company. Through critique, tips, and a lot of hard work , I'm sure that we'll be able to create a project that is visually and technically stunning by the end of the quarter.

As the quarter progress, I'll be posting visual and technical updates to this blog. I hope that these posts will allow my team (who I'm excited to meet) to communicate updates with more efficiency in order to maximize the amount of critique we're able to receive during our weekly meetings. 

Tuesday - Jan 9

After an introduction to the course and professors, we were familiarized with the project parameters and our production timeline. I wasn't expecting a required live action shot, but it is a welcomed challenge. The teams were then revealed and we were subsequently put into breakout rooms. After a quick talk about communication, deadlines, and availability, we began formulating ideas. Currently our front runner is a advertisement for a graphics card. 

Wednesday - Jan 10

In order to prepare for a check in with Prof. Fowler and Prof. Murphy, we collected reference videos and images and placed them in a presentation. Chaithanya found a great portal tutorial from Rebelway for one of our FX shot.

We also collected GPU announcement videos to find themes and shots that are typically included. We're also using these videos as lighting reference for our final shot.

In addition to these shots of graphics cards, I also collected lighting reference from commercials such as Vanmoof "Ride The Future Together" by The Mill and Audi Pure Imagination by Gmunk (video below).

In addition to the reference we collected, Austin and I created storyboards to visualize the direction of the ad. Austin's is first, my version is second.

To create the hero shot of the GPU I used this model from Sketchfab.

Here's some additional desk/room reference for the dolly over the shoulder.

Tomorrow we'll present our ideas to the professors and adjust our concept based on feedback.